How do I keep it Luxx?

    We know you Love your FurLuxx Garment and would like to know how to keep it loving you. TLC is major & can keep your fur in Luxx condition for years. Please note, FurLuxx garments don't do well with heat, chemicals, friction and cramped spaces. By following these listed details, your garment will be Luxx forever:

  • Closet Space is very important!

Always give you FurLuxx garment plenty of closet space, especially during the Winter months. Also, keep it away from heat and light, which can cause the fur to lose its natural color.


Always hang your FurLuxx garment on a sturdy, broad shoulder hanger & NEVER A WIRE HANGER!

  • Leave Room to Breath

Sure, hanging your FurLuxx garment in a bag may sound like a great idea, but it's not. Due to its genuine Fur nature, FurLuxx garments need air, which keeps your garment from drying up. No plastic bags! We recommend the use of a woven cloth bag, but only for short periods of time.

  • Never Dry Clean

Yes, cleaning your FurLuxx garment is a good idea, but not with your local dry cleaner. Find a fur specialist to rid it of any debris. Cleaning will also allow your garment to regain its luster and shine.

  • Show some R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Oh, yes FurLuxx enjoys looking jazzy, but try to avoid sprays and perfumes, straps, and abrasive jewelry on your FurLuxx garment, which can cause hair loss and patches.

  • A little Rain or Snow is ok, but...

Furluxx is a sustainable garment, so relax if it gets a little wet. However, NEVER allow direct heat. Shake any excess wetness off and let it hang dry.