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Size Chart


Suggested Sizes for comfortable fit 

Please email for more details:

  • Small- 32 Bra A-D Cup- or Waist 24"-26

  • Medium- 34 Bra A-DD Cup- or Waist 27-28"

  • Large 36 Bra A-DD Cup- or Waist -29"

  • XL 38 Bra A-DD Cup or Waist  30"

  • 2XL 39-40 Bra Cup NA Waist 31" up 

  • 3XL 40 Bra Cup NA Waist 32" Up

How do I keep it Luxx?

    We know you Love your Garment and would like to know how to keep it loving you. TLC is major & can keep your fur in Luxx condition for years. Please note, FurLuxx garments don't do well with heat, chemicals, friction and cramped spaces. Please follow the easy care instructionsbelow to keep your garment Luxx forever.

  • Closet Space is very important!

Always allow extra space between your FurLuxx garment, especially during the Winter months. Excessive heat and light will cause your fur to lose its natural color. Therefore, you must avoid storing your FurLuxx garment under these conditions. 

  • How to Hang FurLuxx

Always hang your FurLuxx garment on a sturdy broad shoulder hanger & NEVER A WIRE HANGER!

  • Leave Room to Breath

Due to its genuine Fur nature, FurLuxx garments need air. Air keeps the garment from drying up. No plastic bags! We recommend the use of a woven cloth bag, but only for short periods of time.

  • Never Dry Clean

Yes, cleaning your FurLuxx garment is a good idea, but not with your local dry cleaner. Find a fur specialist to rid it of any debris. Cleaning will also allow your garment to regain its luster and shine.

  • Love  it

Oh, yes FurLuxx enjoys looking jazzy, but try to avoid sprays and perfumes, straps, and abrasive jewelry on your FurLuxx garment, which can cause hair loss and patches.

  • A little Rain or Snow is ok, but...

Furluxx is a sustainable garment, so relax if it gets a little wet. However, NEVER allow direct heat. Shake any excess wetness off and let it hang dry.

Can I track my order ?


Yes, once your order has shipped,  you will receive an email notification with tracking details to follow. We use USPS priority mail for all orders placed within the USA.

I want a return


 Due to the nature of this item, we do not offer returns or exchanges. Please be sure of your purchase once you place it. If you have concerns after purchase, please email us immediately (

I forgot to use my discount code


Unfortunately, this cannot be reversed. Please use any codes at the time of purchase.

Has my order been sent yet ?


Orders will be processed and shipped within 48 hours following payment. It may take up to 5-7 business days for your order to arrive with Standard delivery. If your item is a pre-order, it can take up to 10 Business days to ship out. You will receive an email notification once your order has shipped. 

Which methods of payments can I use?

We process all orders through pay-pals safe and secure sever. They accept various methods of payment, from credit to

pay-pal funds. 

Part of my order is missing


Please email us right away at 

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